Notes® ID vault

The ID vault is an optional, server-based database that holds protected copies of Notes® user IDs. An ID vault allows administrators and users to easily manage Notes® user IDs. Users are assigned to a vault through policy configuration, and copies of user IDs are uploaded to a vault automatically once the policy has taken effect.

The benefits of using an ID vault include:

  • The ability for authorized personnel to change (reset) passwords on IDs stored in a vault when users forget them, without access to the ID files or the vault
  • Support for the use of a custom application to reset passwords
  • Easy recovery of lost or damaged user IDs
  • Automatic synchronization of multiple ID copies
  • No user involvement during ID renames
  • No user involvement during ID key rollover

Use of the ID vault is strongly recommended. However, the ID recovery feature from earlier releases is still supported for customers who prefer it.