Configuring Web client browsers for Windows single sign-on

To set up Windows single sign-on for Web clients, you must set up browsers to authenticate to theHCL Domino® server using SPNEGO.

Supported browsers

Example: Setting up Firefox


  1. Log in to the Windows Active Directory domain.
  2. Start the browser.
  3. In the URL address box, type:
  4. In the Filter box, type:
  5. Double-click network.negotiate-auth.trusted-uris, and enter the URL for the Domino® server, for example:

    Or use a wildcard to provide the ability to connect to more than one SPNEGO-enabled Domino® server, for example:

    Separate multiple entries with commas.

  6. Click OK and restart the browser.
  7. From the browser, enter a URL to a database on the Domino® server to which you have access, and verify that you are not prompted for a name and password. For example,