Collecting information in a .zip file to send to Support

Use the tell domino support command to collect diagnostic files recently created in the IBM_TECHNICAL_SUPPORT directory into a .zip file.

About this task

The command runs a Java add-in task that moves files recently created in the IBM_TECHNICAL_SUPPORT directory into a subfolder and creates a zip file of the contents. If you have an issue with an HCL Domino server, use tell domino support before contacting Support so that you can provide them the .zip file.

This feature requires a minimum of Domino V12.0.2 running on Windows, Linux, or AIX.

By default, the command moves files created in the IBM_TECHNICAL_SUPPORT directory within the last 48 hours into a subfolder called string_servername_date/time and puts them in a .zip file of the same name. (Files that are in use, such as console.log, are copied rather than moved). Use the notes.ini setting TellDominoSupportHours=hours to collect files based on a different number of hours since creation.

If automatic diagnostic data collection is enabled on the server with Remove diagnostic files after a specified number of days set to Yes, the subfolders created are removed at the specified interval.


Enter the following command at the Domino server console:
tell domino support string
where string is any alpha-numeric string, such as a customer support incident number, for example:
tell domino support CS987654321


The server console output looks similar to this:
> tell domino support CS987654321
	[6328:0002-5F74] 04/27/2022 11:24:44 AM  JVM: Java Virtual Machine initialized.
	[6328:0002-5F74] 04/27/2022 11:24:44 AM  RunJava: Started DominoSupport Java task.
	[6328:0004-196C] 04/27/2022 11:24:46 AM  DominoSupport: Collecting files created within the last 48 hours...
	[6328:0004-196C] 04/27/2022 11:24:46 AM  DominoSupport: Directory (C:\TEST\Dom12\Data\IBM_TECHNICAL_SUPPORT\CS987654321_LP1-US-12345678_2022_04_27@11_24_46) is created
	[6328:0004-196C] 04/27/2022 11:24:46 AM  DominoSupport: Creating file...
	[6328:0004-196C] 04/27/2022 11:24:46 AM  DominoSupport: Done creating file.
	[6328:0004-196C] 04/27/2022 11:24:46 AM  DominoSupport: Please send the following zip file to support:
	[6328:0002-5F74] 04/27/2022 11:24:48 AM  RunJava: Finalized DominoSupport Java task.
	[6328:0002-5F74] 04/27/2022 11:24:49 AM  RunJava shutdown.