Creating a container to run Domino processes with the server down

If you need to run Domino processes such as fixup or updall when the server is down, create a specialized container.

About this task

Typically when you create a container for Domino, a startup script runs that launches the Domino server. To instead create a container that does not start the server and instead provides access through a bash shell, use the arguments --entrypoint /bin/bash and --user notes in the docker run command.

If you use podman, replace docker with podman in the commands in this procedure. For example:
podman container stop <container name>


  1. Stop any containers that are currently accessing the Domino data directory volume:
    docker container stop <container name>
  2. To create and start the new container, use the following command:
    docker run -it --name <container name> -v <docker volume name>:<data directory>  
      --entrypoint /bin/bash --user notes --hostname <hostname> --cap-add=SYS_PTRACE
     <-p HostPort:ContainerPort> <image>
    The following example creates a new container called domino1101stopped:
    docker run -it --name domino1101stopped -v notesdata:/local/notesdata 
      --entrypoint /bin/bash --user notes --hostname 
      --cap-add=SYS_PTRACE -p 1352:1352 domino-docker:V1101


The container puts you in the data directory. From there you can run commands such as: