Viewing replication schedules and topology maps

You can see a graphical representation of each server's replication schedule at a glance with the Domino® Administrator. Each server's replication schedule appears separately, even if the server is a member of a group listed in the Destination server field in a Connection document.

About this task

You can also see a graphical representation of your replication topology. Replication topology maps are most useful for quickly displaying the replication topology and for letting you easily follow connections between servers.

Each server, network, and cluster has its own icon. A line represents each replication connection. A replication connection between two servers appears as a broken red line. Multiple connections between servers appear as lines superimposed on each other.

To view replication schedules


  1. From the Domino® Administrator, click the Replication tab.
  2. Click Replication schedule.
  3. Patterns represent the replication status of each server:
    • Schedule is being performed
    • Schedule is complete
    • Schedule isn't complete

To start the topology Maps task

The Maps task enables you to view replication topology from the Domino® Administrator. You only need to run this task on one server in your domain. The information it gathers will replicate to the other servers, as long as it has permission to do so. This task refreshes topology information nightly.

About this task

This task is not enabled by default. To see replication topology information, enable the Maps task manually.


  1. From the Domino® Administrator, click the Servers > Status tab.
  2. Click Tools > Start.
  3. Select Maps Extractor from the menu and then click Start Task.
  4. Click Done.

To display the replication topology map


  1. From the Bookmarks pane, select the server for which you want to create a topology map.
  2. Click the Replication tab.
  3. Select one of the following:
    • Replication topology by connections -- to view connections between the server you selected and all of the servers connected to it.
    • Replication topology by clusters -- to view all server clusters and their replication patterns.
  4. Optional: Double-click any server in the topology map to make that server the center of the map.
  5. Optional: Double-click a line connecting any two servers to open the corresponding Connection document in the Domino® Directory.


To focus on a specific area of the topology map, use the plus (+) and minus (-) keys to zoom in and out.