Running Fixup to prepare a mail file for IMAP use

After you run Compact on a user's mail file to ensure that it uses the correct file format, run the Fixup task on the mail file. Because the Fixup task requires exclusive access to the mail file database, you must shut down the server before running Fixup. You do not need to run Fixup on mail files that are based on a Domino® Release 5 or later mail template.


  1. Shut down the server.
  2. From the Microsoft Windows command prompt, change to the Domino® program directory. For example, if you installed Domino® in the default location, enter:
    cd c:\hcl\domino
  3. To run Fixup on a specific mail file, enter:
    nFixup path\mailfile

    where path is the database path relative to the Domino® data directory and mailfile is the name of the mail file database. For example, to run Fixup on the mail file database USER.NSF in the DATA\MAIL folder, enter:

    nFixup mail\user.nsf
    Note: If transaction logging is enabled on the server, run Fixup with the -j switch, for example:
    nFixup -j mail\user.nsf

What to do next

After you run Fixup, you can run the mail conversion utility to enable the mail file for IMAP.