Example of directory assistance for an extended directory catalog

Company Y uses three domains, Domain A, Domain B, and Domain C. Rather than setting up directory assistance to search each domain Domino® Directory individually, the company builds an extended directory catalog that aggregates all three domain directories. Using this approach, Notes® users can use one directory to browse for names registered in any domain directory, servers can use one directory to look up names from any domain, for example, when routing mail, and servers can look up the members of groups aggregated from any of the three directories when authorizing database access.

About this task

The company creates replicas of the extended directory catalog on two servers in Domain A that are members of a cluster. Network connections between domains are fast, so servers in Domains B and C use the replicas of the directory catalog on the Domain A servers.

Administrators from each domain want local control of the directory assistance database, so each domain creates and uses its own directory assistance database.

The following table shows the settings for the Directory Assistance document for the extended directory catalog that is in each domain's directory assistance database.

Table 1. Directory Assistance documents for extended directory catalogs
Basics tab Contents Comments

Domain type



Domain name


Made-up name that does not correspond to an actual domain name.

Company name

Company Y


Search order



Make this domain available to

  • Notes® Clients & Internet Authentication/Authorization
  • LDAP Clients

Allows servers to use the extended directory catalog for all directory assistance services.

Group Authorization


Allows servers to look up groups in the extended directory catalog when authorizing database access.




Naming contexts (rules) tab


*/ */ */ */ */ *

Enabled - Yes

Trusted for Credentials - Yes

Allows servers to search all names in the extended directory catalog. Trusted for Credentials selected to allow servers to authenticate all Internet users with Person documents that are aggregated in the directory catalog.

Replicas tab


Server Name: Server1/DomainA

Directory Filename: EDC.NSF

Server1/DomainA is a member of a cluster. Only one replica of the extended directory catalog in the cluster is specified so that cluster failover is used to find an available replica.