Configuring a modern-looking Web server login form

Beginning with Domino 12, the login form $$LoginUserFormMFA is provided as a modern-looking login form for Web users.

Before you begin

Complete the procedure Creating the Domino Web Server Configuration database.
Note: You must create the database from the DOMCFG5.NTF template provided with Domino 12 or later. In addition, the name of the database must be DOMCFG.NSF

About this task

The login form is required if you configure time-based one-time password (TOTP) authentication but can be used even if you don't use TOTP.

New web login form


  1. Open the Domino Web Server Configuration database.
  2. Open the Sign In Form Mappings view.
  3. Click Add Mapping.
  4. Under Site Information, choose one:
    • All Web Sites/Entire Server -- to use the custom log-in form for all Web Sites on the server, or for the entire Web server.
    • Specific Web Sites/Virtual Servers -- to map the custom log-in form to specific Web Site documents or Virtual Servers. If you choose this option, a new field appears, in which you specify the IP addresses of the Web Site documents or Virtual Servers
  5. Under Form Mapping, for Target Database specify DOMCFG.NSF and for Target Form, specify $$LoginUserFormMFA.
    Form Mapping section of the custom form document
  6. Save and close the document.