Changing the default format for constructing the sender's Internet address on outbound mail

When converting an HCL Notes® message for SMTP transfer, the Router replaces the Notes® address of the sender with an Internet address. If the Router cannot determine the sender's Internet address, either from the InetFrom field of the Notes® message, or the Internet address field of the user's Person document, it constructs an Internet address by combining the user's Notes® name with HCL Domino® domain and Internet domain information.

The rules for constructing the sender's Internet address are specified in the Global domain document. By default, the Global domain document constructs addresses in the following format:


For example:


The address conversion settings in the Global domain document apply to all mail sent over SMTP from servers in this Global domain -- including messages for recipients in the local Internet domain as well as messages for recipients in external Internet domains.

The Router uses the address conversion settings in the Global domain document for outbound mail only in cases where the sender does not have an Internet address defined in the Location and Person documents, or address lookup to the Domino® Directory either fails or is disabled.

To ensure that every user has a standard Internet address, populate the Internet address field in each user's Person document. The Internet address tool available in the Domino® Administrator lets you specify an address format for creating unique Internet addresses in every Person document in which the Internet address field is not currently set.

Note: If you are working with Group documents or mail-in databases, the Internet address specified in the Group document and Mail-in Database document must also be unique.

Generally speaking, if all users have Internet addresses in their Person documents and address lookups are always successful, address construction on outbound SMTP messages never occurs. However, even if you complete the Internet address field of every user's Person document, configure address conversion in at least one Global domain document to ensure that addresses are formed correctly in the event that lookups fail and address conversion occurs. Only in the most limited of deployments can one expect never to require address conversion.

Information about enabling Internet address lookup for outbound SMTP mail is in the topic Enabling the Router to look up the sender's Internet address from the Person document in the related links.