Domino® Domain Monitor database

The Domino® Domain Monitor database (DDM.NSF) contains event information that is reported by DDM probes as well as event information reported by other checks that are built into Domino® for DDM. Those checks include event generators; new checks that run as part of specific server tasks, such as the router or replicator; and checks that generate events in previous Domino® releases and that have now been modified to report into DDM with additional information.

Use the Domino® Domain Monitor database to view DDM events, review probable causes and possible solutions for reported DDM events, assign DDM events to an administrator for resolution, and to open a link to the appropriate database from which you can resolve a reported event. DDM contains two classes of event information, enhanced events and simple events. Enhanced events include events generated by a DDM Probe document, events generated by a Domino® event generator, or any other event with specific target information appearing in the DDM event report. A target can be a server, a database, an agent, or a user-specified target. A simple event is any event that is not associated with or that does not contain specific target information. For example, most of the events that are reported to the Domino® server console are simple events.

From the Domino® Domain Monitor database, you can select an event and view detailed information about an event. Then you can use the Probable cause and possible solution tab to view information about the cause of the event, and, in some cases, use a database link to access the appropriate database from which you can resolve the event. Some DDM Event documents include a Details tab that displays additional details about the event and a Correlation tab that contains links to other DDM Event documents that may be related to the open DDM Event document.

The first time that a Domino® server starts, the Domino® Domain Monitor database (DDM.NSF) is created from the DDM.NTF template. This database contains DDM event information for the server on which it resides. If the server is a collection server, the database also contains information from the servers from which it collects data. Each time a problem is detected, a DDM event is generated -- based on the probe type, probe subtype, and severity that you specify in the DDM Probe document when you create or modify a probe.