Ways to compact databases

There are several different ways to run Compact. Each way allows you to customize how Compact runs.

About this task

  • The Compact tool in the Files tab of the Domino® Administrator -- Use this method to compact a few databases; you can select the databases to compact, but you can't use the Domino® Administrator until compacting finishes
  • The Task - Start tool in the Domino® Administrator -- Use this method to compact all databases on a server; you can continue to use the Domino® Administrator during compacting and you don't have to remember specific command-line options
  • A console command -- Use this method if you're comfortable using command-line options or to compact databases directly at the server when there isn't a Domino® Administrator client running on the server
  • A Program document -- Use this method to schedule compact to run at particular times
  • Run Compact on a Win32 platform -- Use this method if you are unable to run Compact at the server console. This method requires that you use the "n" prefix. For example ncompact - C