Database properties that affect system performance

The following advanced database properties affect Domino® server performance.

Setting advanced database properties


  1. From Domino® Administrator, select Files > Application > Properties.
  2. Click the Advanced tab. (The icon on this tab is a beanie.)
  3. Enable any listed database property by clicking the corresponding check box.

Improving search performance

About this task

The database property Don't allow simple search positively impacts server performance by preventing users from searching databases that do not have full-text search enabled.

Don't allow simple search is an advanced database property.

Optimizing DAOS copying

About this task

In this release of Domino®, optimization of copying for Domino® Attachment and Object Service (DAOS) objects prevents unnecessary copies of attachments from being transmitted between Notes® clients and DAOS-enabled servers. This optimization results in significantly improved speed of transmission when replying to, forwarding, or replicating messages/documents that contain attachments already existing in the DAOS repository.


  1. Enable the Advanced property Use Domino Attachment and Object Service.
  2. Use the Show Stat DAOS command to monitor both inter-server and intra-server savings resulting from this optimization, which needs no configuration beyond the normal requirements for DAOS enablement of servers and databases.