Enabling scheduled messages

Domino® 10 and later mail servers support the scheduled delivery of mail messages. For example, a user can compose a message on a weekend and schedule it to be sent during the work week.

About this task

Scheduled messages go in mail.box on the sender's mail server. The router delivers or routes the messages at the scheduled time. Scheduled mail is enabled on a Domino® server by default. You can use a Configuration document in the Domino® directory to disable it.

Scheduled messages are supported for Notes® client users with mail files that are upgraded to at least the Notes® 10 mail template (mail10.ntf). The feature is not supported for HCL iNotes®, HCL Verse, or HCL Traveler clients.
Note: Domino® 9 and earlier releases do not recognize scheduled message requests and route the messages immediately. Before you enable scheduled mail for users, make sure that any mail servers that handle their scheduled messages run Domino® 10. If you use clustered servers, ensure that they all run Domino® 10.