Using the Native Language (NL) packs

When you install Notes® Mac OS platforms, language kits are available for your use. Typically these language kits, referred to as native language (NL) packs, are available shortly after the Notes® general release.

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The NL packs are provided in install kits specific to the language set you require. Install and usage instructions accompany the individual NL packs in the form of a readme file.

Use an NL pack to install one or multiple non-English languages. An NL pack provides the following functions.

Each language pack kit is self-contained and complete. You do not need to first install Notes® using an English-based install kit and then install an additional language pack. Instead, simply run the installation executable from the desired language kit to install Notes® in your language of choice. For example, when you install from the nl1a language kit, the program installs all the specified Notes® client resources available in the install kit, including the requested language resources.


  1. Obtain the NL kit and run the Notes® installation executable in that kit.
  2. Respond to all prompts.

    The NL pack installation program uses a locale panel on which you are prompted to select which language(s) to install from the group. When you run the installer using this language pack, you are prompted to select one or more languages.

    You cannot install one language pack and then install another. For example, you cannot install nl1a and then install nl1b. If you want to install nl1b, you must first uninstall nl1a.

  3. Click Finish when installation is complete.

Languages available in each NL kit

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The following table lists the language groupings for each NL kit.

Table 1. NL kit name and languages for Mac OS platforms

NL Kit name

Mac OS


nl1a: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese

nl1b: Japanese, Korean

nl1c: Brazilian Portuguese, French, Spanish

nl1d: Italian, German, Catalan

nl2a1: Danish, Dutch

nl2a2: Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish


nl2b1: Czech

nl2b2: Polish, Russian

nl2b3: Greek, Hungarian

nl2b4: Iberian Portuguese, Turkish

nl3a: Slovenian, Slovak

nl3b: Thai