Considerations when planning a Notes® silent install or upgrade

Silent install is useful for installing, reinstalling, or upgrading Notes® on the MSI command line or as part of a script or batch file process.

You can silently install Notes® and optionally the Composite Applications Editor, Feed Reader, Connections (Activities), embedded HCL Sametime® and Notes® OpenSocial component. Also, for single-user installs you can silently install Domino® Designer and Domino® Administrator clients. You can also silently install new or custom features that are part of your Notes® install kit. As well, you can rerun the same-release installer to add or remove features within the same release.

Note: To run a Notes® silent install or upgrade using MSI command line arguments ADDFEATURES, REMOVEFEATURES, and optionally the deprecated SELECTINSTALLFEATURES argument, see Performing a Notes® silent install or upgrade on Windows and Running a silent install or upgrade using optional arguments.

In addition to the following considerations, see related topics for relevant considerations.

  • Optionally use an MSI tuner to create a transform file.
  • Determine which Notes® features you want installed, or upgraded, then open the install manifest install.xml, locate the installfeature ID, and set the required attribute to true. Alternatively, you can specify features for install using command line arguments.
  • Determine the desired installation directory and Notes® data directory.