Specifying Smart Upgrade settings for a desktop policy

Use the Smart Upgrade tab of the Desktop Settings document to specify if and how users of the policy will use the Notes® Smart Upgrade feature.


Complete the following fields on the Smart Upgrade tab:
Table 1. Smart Upgrade fields and actions



Deploy version

If you use Smart Upgrade, enter the Notes® version to which you want users to upgrade.

Upgrade deadline

If you use Smart Upgrade, use mm/dd/yyyy format to enter the date by which users must upgrade. If users to do not upgrade by this date, the upgrade happens automatically.

Remind me every hour after "upgrade deadline" has passed

Check this field if you want to send an hourly reminder to users who have not updated their clients by the deadline set in the field Upgrade deadline.

Mail-in Database for Smart Upgrade reports:

By default, the name of the mail-in database for Smart Upgrade appears. If a Smart Upgrade mail-in database name is not displayed but one exists, you can specify one. This field is required to enable Smart Upgrade Tracking for the users or groups in policy settings document. If a Smart Upgrade mail-in database does not exist, you must create one.

Remove Smart Upgrade tracking files after a specified number of days:

Choose one:

  • Yes -- Automatically deletes the Smart Upgrade tracking files when the specified time period for maintaining files is exceeded and the Notes® Client is restarted. When the field appears, enter the number of days.
  • No -- Maintains the Smart Upgrade tracking files after the specified time for maintaining the files is exceeded. The files are not deleted.

Number of days to keep Smart Upgrade Tracking files

Enter the number of days to keep the Smart Upgrade Tracking log files. The default is 365 days. Log files are stored in the user's Notes® client data directory: