Managing database ACLs with the Web Administrator

The Web Administrator is a utility application that is packaged as a Notes® database (WEBADMIN.NSF). The Web Administrator lets you add, delete, and modify database ACL entries; change roles; and view the ACL log for all databases on the server.

To modify database ACLs, you must:

  • Have at least Editor access in the Web Administrator ACL. By default, Domino® Full Access Administrators and Administrators get Manager access in the ACL of the WEBADMIN.NSF when this database is created.
  • Have Manager access in the database ACLs of all the databases you want to modify.
  • Set the Maximum Internet name & password access option on the Advanced panel of the Access Control List dialog box to Manager on all the databases you want to modify, if you are not using SSL with X.509 client certificates. This option is set to Manager by default in the WEBADMIN.NSF so you can add more user names to the ACL of the WEBADMIN.NSF from a browser.

You can use the Web Administrator to perform the following tasks for Internet or Notes® users:

  • Add an ACL entry
  • Remove an ACL entry
  • Rename an ACL entry
  • Add, remove, or rename a database role
  • View the ACL change history
  • Create a new database on the server based on templates
  • Create a new copy of the database
  • Delete a database
  • Compact a database
  • Create or update a full-text index of a database
  • Force manual replication of a database with a remote server