Using statistics to monitor Directory Sync

The following statistics are available for Directory Sync.

About this task

Use the Show Stat command to display the following statistics.
Table 1. DirSync statistics
Statistic Description
DirSync.[AD search base].FromAD.Millis The time, in milliseconds, to sync Active Directory records from a particular search base.
DirSync.ADTest.FromAD.Modifies Cumulative number of modify operations performed.
DirSync.Totals.LatestAllDirSyncDocsMillis The time, in milliseconds, for the most recent processing of all Dirsync configuration documents.
DirSync.Totals.LongestAllDirSyncDocsMillis The longest time historically, in milliseconds, to process all Dirsync configuration documents.
DirSync.Totals.LongestSyncTimeMillis The longest sync time, in milliseconds, for the Domino directory that has taken the most time to sync, (LongestSyncTimeNABName).
DirSync.Totals.LongestSyncTimeNABName The name of the Domino directory that has taken the most amount of time to sync.
DirSync.Totals.NumADChangeQueriesSyncSpan Number of Dirsync change log queries since Dirsync started.
DirSync.Totals.TimeADChangeQueriesSyncSpan The aggregate amount of time, in milliseconds, to perform all change log queries.
DirSync.Totals.TotalDirSyncDocs Total number of Dirsync configuration documents in the Domino directory.
DirSync.Totals.TotalRequestDocs Total number of Dirsync request documents in the Domino directory.
DirSync.Totals.TotalSuccessfulNABSyncs Total number of successful Domino directory syncs since the Dirsync task started.