Keymgmt Create

Creates a named encryption key used to secure a credential store or creates a credential store application.


This command is used to:
  • Create a named encryption key used to encrypt credentials in a credential store application. The key is added to the server ID file.
  • Create a credential store application that uses a named encryption key to store and access encrypted credentials in the credential store.
The file name for a credential store is credstore.nsf. It is always generated automatically with the keymgmt create credstore command.
Restriction: There can be only one credential store on a non-clustered server or one per server cluster (replicated) if your organization uses clusters.


 keymgmt create nek <nekname> 
 keymgmt create credstore <nekname> 


To create a named encryption key called credstorekey to be used to secure information in a credential store, enter:

keymgmt create nek credstorekey
To create a credential store using a named encryption key called credstorekey, enter:
keymgmt create credstore credstorekey