Controlling user access to the Administration Requests database

Some administration requests are created by Notes® client users during specific phases of an administrative operation, such as while moving a roaming user's mail file. If a user has multiple clients, for example, one at home and one at work, before the client creates one of these administration requests, it checks whether an identical request has been created either by itself or by the user running on another client.

To perform this check, and to avoid creating possible redundant administration requests, the user needs Author access to the Administration Requests database because of the detailed administration information that appears in that database. Some administrators prefer that their users not see the information in the Administration Requests database. If you want to run in a manner that prevents users from seeing the content of the Administration Requests database, the default access on ADMIN4.NSF can be set to Depositor. Setting this type of access can result in multiple requests for users appearing from the same operation because the client cannot determine whether a request that it is about to create already exists.

Once you have upgraded all of your clients to Lotus Notes® 7 or more recent, the default access to ADMIN4.NSF can be set to None because the client will just mail requests to the Administration Requests database if the user does not have access.