Enabling Notes® Client Single Logon during install or upgrade

Use this procedure to enable Client Single Logon during Notes® install or upgrade. Client Single Logon synchronizes a user's Windows password with their Notes® password.

About this task

These steps are for using the user interface-based Notes® installation executable. For incorporation with a non-UI install or upgrade, you can use a transform to enable Client Single Logon.

Note: To check if Client Single Logon is already installed, click File > Security > User Security > Security Basics. If the Client Single Logon feature is installed, the Login to Notes using your operating system login option is enabled.

Consider using Notes® Shared Login (NSL) feature to eliminate Notes® password prompts rather than Notes® Client Single Logon. Notes® shared login provides advantages, for example, enablement through policy. Notes® Shared Login (NSL) is designed to work with ID Vault. Notes® Shared Login is enabled through policy configuration. If Notes® Client Single Logon is installed, it must be uninstalled before Notes® Shared Login (NSL) can be enabled.

Do not enable Client Single Logon if you plan to use Notes® shared login. For related information, see Using Notes® shared login to suppress password prompts.


  1. Start the Notes® install or upgrade program.
  2. Expand the Notes® feature option and enable Client Single Logon.
  3. When install or upgrade is complete, restart Notes® and change your Notes® password to match your Windows OS password.
  4. Exit Notes® and restart your computer.
  5. When prompted, log in to your computer using your Windows password.
  6. Start Notes® and note that you are not be prompted for a password.