Creating a cross-certificate from a Notes® certifier

You can create an HCL Notes® cross-certificate in the HCL Domino® Directory from a Notes® certifier. You can then push the cross-certificate to Notes® user contacts.


  1. From the Domino® Administrator, click the Configuration tab and then click Tools > Certification > Cross Certify.
  2. Select the ID to be cross-certified.
    Note: To use the CA process, select a CA-configured certifier from the list, click OK, and skip the remaining steps in this procedure.
  3. In the Issue Cross Certificate dialog box, complete the following fields and click Cross Certify:
    Table 1. Issue Cross Certificate fields and values




    File name of a user, server, or certifier ID. Specify a server or certifier ID when creating a cross-certificate for a server. The ID specified indicates who can use the cross-certificate.


    Location of the Contacts or Domino® Directory where you want to copy the cross-certificate. Add the cross-certificate to the Contacts for Notes® clients.

    Subject name

    Organization or organizational unit certifier that you want to cross-certify -- for example, /Renovations. You can also create a cross-certificate for the owner of the certificate.

    Subject alternate name list

    An alternate name for the subject of the certificate. Alternate names allow you to assign names that are recognizable in a user's native language to an ID file.

    Expiration date

    Date when the cross-certificate will expire.

  4. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 for every ID for whom you want to create cross-certificates.