Choosing the types of files you see in the Files tab

You can filter the files displayed either by one type, or by a custom selection of multiple types.


  1. From the Domino® Administrator, click the Files tab.
  2. In the Show me box, select one of the following options to control the type of files that the files pane displays:
    • Databases only -- Displays databases but not templates
    • Templates only -- Displays templates and databases that act as templates
    • Mailboxes only -- Displays only MAIL.BOX databases for administrators to open quickly when monitoring mail
    • All database types -- Displays all databases and templates
    • All file types -- Displays all types of files
    • Database links only -- Displays only database links (text files that the Domino Directory uses to link to databases or directories).
    • DB2® files only -- Displays only IBM® DB2 Unified Database Enterprise Server Edition enabled Notes® databases.
      Note: You can no longer create or configure DB2 databases in Domino, but databases created and configured in an earlier release are supported.
    • Database redirects only -- Displays only those databases which are database replica redirects of the original database
    • Custom -- You specify the file types to display
  3. To choose a combination of files to display, in the box, select Custom, select one or more of these options, and then click OK:
    • Databases
    • Templates -- Displays all templates except advanced templates
    • Advanced templates -- Displays advanced templates
    • Database Links
    • Mail boxes
    • ID files
    • Modem files
      Note: Support for direct dialup modem (X.PC) connections is available only in releases of Domino earlier than release 8.5. You can use the Domino Administrator client to configure and maintain direct dialup modem support, but only for servers running releases earlier than 8.5.
    • DB2 files
    • Extensions -- You can further customize the display by specifying one or more file extensions, separated by commas. Only those files types display.