Roadmaps to Domino® Administrator tools

Most tabs on the Domino® Administrator include a set of tools that change based on the selected tab. For example, the People and Groups tab includes two tools: one for managing people and one for managing groups.


  1. Click theTools column header to expand or collapse the list of available tools.
  2. Click a tool label to expand or collapse its list of options.
    Tip: You can also access tools by right-clicking on an object that has an associated tool or by using available menu options.

    The following table lists the tools on each tab. See the linked roadmaps for details and tasks associated with each tab.

    Table 1. Domino® Administrator Tools



    People & Groups

    • People
    • Groups
    • ID Vaults


    • Disk Space
    • Folder
    • Database
    • DB2 Groups

    Server - Status

    • Task
    • User
    • Ports
    • Server

    Server - Analysis

    • Analyze


    • Messaging


    • Certification
    • Registration
    • Policies
    • Hosted Org
    • Server
    • DB2 Server
    • ID Vaults