Components no longer included

The following components are no long part of Notes® and Domino® 10.

Table 1. Components no longer included
Component Additional information
The View option to read an attachment. Instead, click Open or Edit.
The Open Social components
RSS feed reader
Domino Offline Services (DOLS)
IBM® HTTP Server (IHS)

IBM HTTP Server (IHS) has been removed as an install option for Domino on Windows™ and is no longer supported as a tightly integrated HTTP replacement for Domino HTTP on the same machine.

With the native implementation of Transport Layer Security (TLS 1.2) on all platforms and a broad set of protocols (HTTP/HTTPS, LDAP/LDAPS, SMTP, IMAP, POP3, DIIOP, iSpy), the IBM HTTP Server functionality is no longer needed with Domino. As with any HTTP proxy, customers who purchase IHS, can install and configure per IBM HTTP Server documentation.

Older IBM Lotus® file types for import and export Lotus 1-2-3 file type is no longer available, by default, for view import or export. Lotus 1-2-3, Lotus PIC, Lotus WordPro, Symphony®® Document, Symphony Presentation, and Symphony Spreadsheet file types are no longer available, by default, for document import or export. Use the notes.ini setting IncludeOldFileTypes=1 on clients if you want to enable these file type options again.
The IBM iNotes® ActiveX installer The IBM iNotes ActiveX installer is no longer provided with Domino for iNotes. As of Internet Explorer 11, standard users can install ActiveX controls themselves and administrator access is no longer required.
KeyView conversion filters for attachment indexing. The Domino server and Notes standard client use Apache Tika 1.18 open source conversion filters to extract text for full-text searches of attachments. Tika replaces the KeyView conversion filter used in previous releases. For more information, see Attachment full-text indexing.