Improving server performance using the configuration collector

The Domino® configuration collector provides snapshots of how the Domino server is configured. You can use that configuration information to analyze recent changes made to the server's configuration that have impacted server performance.

Domino reads several documents during server initialization. These documents are the Server document, Server Configuration document, All Server Configuration document, and the Group Server Configuration document. Domino also checks the views of these documents for changes every five minutes. If modifications have been made, Domino reads and saves the modified documents. When Domino reads a document, a filename is constructed based on the document's modification time and date and the server name. There is a default prefix assigned to each of the server and configuration documents:

  • Server document -- serverdoc
  • Configuration Settings (Specific Server) document -- configspecific
  • Configuration Settings (All Servers) document -- configall
  • Configuration Settings (Server Group) document -- configgroup

For example, if a Server document is modified on August 2, 2009, at 4:05 PM, on a server named Sales, the file name assigned to the document is serverdoc_sales_2009_08_02@16_05_20.dxl. The file is stored in the diagnostic directory, IBM_TECHNICAL_SUPPORT located in Domino's data directory. If Domino/Data is the data directory, the path is


To view the collected information, open the individual documents in the IBM_TECHNICAL_SUPPORT directory.