Installing the IBM HTTP server module to support TLS

IBM HTTP Server (IHS) can now run on the same computer as a Domino server and support Transport Layer Security (TLS)

About this task

Domino has the option of running the IBM HTTP Server on the same computer as a Domino HTTP server; the purpose of this enhancement is to support the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol.
Note: This IHS server module is supported only on Windows.
A pass-through reverse proxy module named mod_domino is provided to forward HTTP requests to the Domino HTTP server. The pass-through reverse proxy module creates the context necessary to have the Domino HTTP server provide the HTTP request context expected by Domino Web applications, as if the Domino HTTP server were in direct contact with the browser client. When the proxy module is enabled, the IHS server functions as an intermediate node between the network and the Domino® server.


  1. Start the installation of the Domino server.
  2. Under Choose the installation type that best suits your needs, select Customize Domino Server.
  3. Under Select the features for "Lotus Domino" you would like to install, enable IBM HTTP server (installed).
  4. Complete the installation, but do not start the Domino server yet.

What to do next

Follow the instructions in the related topics for configuring the IBM HTTP server and configuring the Domino server to start and stop it.