Creating a Configuration document for AUT servers

After you set up SSL on the AUT servers, create a group for the AUT servers in the Domino directory and then create a Configuration document that is associated with the group. The Configuration document enables the servers for AUT and specifies a server DNS (an AUT server or a round-robin DNS name) that Notes clients connect to check for updates.

Before you begin

Complete the procedure Setting up SSL on AUT servers.


  1. Install Domino 10.0.1 or later version on servers that will be AUT servers.
  2. Open the Domino directory for the Domino domain.
  3. Create a group in the Domino directory. In the Category field, enter AUT and in the Members field, select the names of the servers to be AUT servers.
  4. Create a new Configuration document in the Domino directory for the AUT servers:
    1. Open the Domino directory and click Configuration > Configurations.
    2. Click Add Configuration.
    3. In the Group or Server Name field, select the group you created for the AUT servers.
    4. Click Client Upgrade and then AUT.
    5. In the Automatic Update is enabled field, select Yes.
    6. In the AUT service DNS name field, enter the fully-qualified domain name of the server to which Notes clients connect to check for updates:
      • If you use one AUT server, clients connect to it automatically and there is no need to complete this field.
      • If you have more than one AUT server, enter a round-robin-enabled DNS name to use to dispatch requests to an available AUT server. If you don't use round-robin DNS, enter the name of the one AUT server to use for Notes client requests.
    7. For Maximum number of download sessions, enter the maximum number of install packages that can be downloaded concurrently from one AUT server. If not specified, the maximum is two-thirds of the maximum allowed HTTP threads. (To determine maximum allowed HTTP threads, in the Server document, select Internet Protocols > HTTP, and see the value for Number active threads in Basics section.)
    8. In the Trust Certificates section, click Select Certificates select which certificates to pull from the Domino directory and push to Notes client address books via policy. Pushing the certificates allows the clients to automatically trust the AUT servers when connecting.
    9. Save the document.
      When you save the Configuration document, the following actions occur:
      • A Web Site document and a Web SSO configuration document are created for the group of AUT servers in the Configuration > Web > Internet Sites view of the Domino directory.
      • An AUT Catalog database (autcat.nsf) replica is created in the data directory of each AUT server.
  5. Add the keyring file name to the AUT Web site document that was created:
    1. From the Domino directory, click Configuration > Web > Internet Sites and open the AUT Web site document.
      Tip: You can also open from the Client Upgrade tab of the AUT Configuration document.
    2. Click Security.
    3. In the Key file name field, enter the name of the keyring file.
    4. Click Save & Close.