The browser.cnf file

The browser.cnf file is installed automatically in the server data directory when you install Domino®. It contains configuration settings for browsers used to render Domino Web applications. Specifically, this file is used by @BrowserInfo to determine browser properties.

There are two types of directives in this file: Property and Rule. The property directive defines a browser property that can be accessed by @BrowserInfo. The Rule directive specifies a regular expression pattern which is used to match the browser User-Agent header.

Typically, Web application developers will make use of this file to ensure that their applications work properly on the Domino Web server. However, because of the file's location in the server data directory, it is likely that you, as the Domino administrator, will need to make any necessary modifications.

For more information on @BrowserInfo, see IBM® Domino Designer 9.0.1 Social Edition Help.