Extending policy settings to IBM iNotes and Notes profile documents

You can customize the mail policy settings document and push new or customized settings to the profile document specified in the $Profiles field.

About this task

The mail policy settings document includes the field $Profiles, which contains a list of pairs. Each pair is comprised of a prefix and a profile document name delimited by a colon. For example, $DWA:inotesprofile indicates that any field with the prefix $DWA will be pushed to the iNotes® profile document for any user to whom that mail policy setting document applies.

The IBM iNotes profile document also contains the field $FieldsSetByPolicy, which indicates the fields that have been modified by applying a policy and not by a user action.

There is no change to the way the mail policy settings document is applied to users.

To view an example, from Domino® Designer open the form Policy Settings\Mail Settings and then the subform $DWAMailPolicy. Open the $Profiles field:Default Value, you will see the pair


where $DWA is the prefix and inotesprofile is the profile document. In this example, the prefix and profile pair indicate that all fields on the policy settings document with the prefix $DWA get pushed to the inotesprofile document for the user, and all fields with the prefix $DOLS get pushed to the dolsofflineconfiguration document for the user.

For an example of an individual setting that is pushed to users, open Domino Designer and look at any field on the iNotes tab(s) of the mail policy settings document. All fields begin with a prefix of either $DWA or $DOLS. Any field on the mail policy settings document that has a corresponding $UP field and does not have a $DWA or $DOLS prefix will be pushed to the users' calendar profile document by default.

Note: The $DWA and$DOLS fields require a $UP field to specify how and when the setting should be pushed down, just as all of the other fields do.