Verifying that QoS is running

If you are the not the administrator who enabled QoS, you can verify the correct setup.


  1. Open and check the notes.ini file for the following setting:
  2. Open and check the dcontroller.ini file for the following settings (all but the first are optional):
    • QOS_ENABLE=1
    • QOS_MAIL_TO=email address to send notifications to
      Tip: You can specify multiple email addresses; separate them using commas.
    • QOS_MAIL_SMTP_SERVER=name of server to use when sending notifications through SMTP
    • QOS_NOKILL=1
      Note: When this is set to 1, it stops QOS from killing the server when an event is triggered.
      Note: If a notification is sent, a setting of 1 attaches the NSD logs.