DDM probes

Domino® has a default set of DDM Probe documents that are shipped with the product.

These documents contain the following information about the DDM probes:

  • A general description of the probe, including its purpose and intended use.
  • Probe type and probe subtype, for example, messaging is a probe type and one of its associated probe subtypes is router process state. This combination of probe type and probe subtype creates a mail router status probe.
  • Configurable specifics on what the probe monitors and how it should report, for example, thresholds for events it generates.
  • Configurable probe targets, that is, which servers, database, etc., that the probe runs against.
  • Where applicable, configurable scheduling information.

Probe configuration information is set and stored in individual Probe documents stored in the Monitoring Configuration database (EVENTS4.NSF). You can create multiple probes for each feature area and individually configure each probe to run selective checks against specific servers and/or databases at specific times.

Use default probe documents or configure probes to run in a manner that is tailored to your organization by creating new Probe documents. To use the probes that are defined with the default Probe documents, enable those probes in DDM.