Components no longer included

The following components are no long part of Notes® and Domino® 10.

Table 1. Components no longer included
Component Additional information
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The Open Social components
RSS feed reader
Domino® Offline Services (DOLS)
IBM® HTTP Server (IHS)

IBM® HTTP Server (IHS) has been removed as an install option for Domino® on Windows and is no longer supported as a tightly integrated HTTP replacement for Domino® HTTP on the same machine.

With the native implementation of Transport Layer Security (TLS 1.2) on all platforms and a broad set of protocols (HTTP/HTTPS, LDAP/LDAPS, SMTP, IMAP, POP3, DIIOP, iSpy), the IBM® HTTP Server functionality is no longer needed with Domino®. As with any HTTP proxy, customers who purchase IHS, can install and configure per IBM® HTTP Server documentation.

Older IBM® Lotus® file types for import and export Lotus® 1-2-3 file type is no longer available, by default, for view import or export. Lotus® 1-2-3, Lotus® PIC, Lotus® WordPro, Symphony®® Document, Symphony® Presentation, and Symphony® Spreadsheet file types are no longer available, by default, for document import or export. Use the notes.ini setting IncludeOldFileTypes=1 on clients if you want to enable these file type options again.
The IBM® iNotes® ActiveX installer The IBM® iNotes® ActiveX installer is no longer provided with Domino® for iNotes®. As of Internet Explorer 11, standard users can install ActiveX controls themselves and administrator access is no longer required.
KeyView conversion filters for attachment indexing. The Domino® server and Notes® standard client use Apache Tika 1.18 open source conversion filters to extract text for full-text searches of attachments. Tika replaces the KeyView conversion filter used in previous releases. For more information, see Attachment full-text indexing.