Analyzing resource-balancing distributions

Use any of these procedures to analyze the current and proposed distribution of user activity on specified databases.

About this task

The statistics and charts displayed during this process reflect the choices you made in the Server Profile Options dialog boxes.


  1. Create a proposal for a new, balanced distribution.
  2. Compare the current and projected distribution of databases on servers.
  3. Review the distribution of user activity represented in the light, medium, and heavy bins in profile charts. Review the effect of changes on other resource statistics in these charts as well. The accuracy is only a guide as to how well it achieved the balance within the tolerance specified. Sometimes the required accuracy may not be achieved for a particular server. There are many reasons why this could happen. Sometimes, there is no solution within the parameters specified and resources are balanced as well as they can be.
  4. Evaluate the server capacity and accuracy information before and after proposed targets.
  5. Change the mix of servers and server properties and run the analysis again, if necessary.
  6. Submit a plan to the Domino® Change Manager to implement the new balance of resources.