Publishing Domino statistics to services other than New Relic

To publish Domino statistics to a service such as Hosted Graphite, there are several notes.ini settings available that allow you to do so.


Use the following notes.ini settings on a Domino server. The service must be able to accept time series data via HTTP POST requests.
Table 1. Notes.ini settings used to publish to other services
Setting Description Required? Supported substitution strings1
STATPUB_ENABLE=1 Enables Domino statistics publishing. Required Not applicable
STATPUB_URI=<string> The URI for the metric server Required $Timestamp$
STATPUB_METRIC_FORMAT=<string> The format to use for counter metrics. Required

$Name$ (required)
$Value$ (required)

STATPUB_DELTA_METRIC_FORMAT=<string> The format to use for rate metrics Required

$Name$ (required)
$Value$ (required)

STATPUB_HEADERS=<string> The HTTP header or headers to send with requests. Optional

$Newline$ (Use between headers)

STATPUB_DATA_HEAD=<string> Data to put in the payload before the metric data. Optional


STATPUB_DATA_TAIL=<string> Data to put in the payload after the metric data. Optional


STATPUB_METRIC_DELIMITER=<string> The delimiter to use to separate metrics. If not specified, comma (,) is used. Optional


1Key to substitution strings:

$Name$ substitutes the Domino statistic name
$Value$ substitutes the Domino statistic value
$Timestamp$ substitutes the current Domino timestamp value (number of seconds relative to Unix Epoch time. )
$Newline$ substitutes a newline character


Publishing statistics to Hosted Graphite

This example demonstrates a simple configuration to report statistics to Hosted Graphite. Hosted Graphite has the following minimum requirements:
  • API key be specified as part of the URI
  • Data payload of one or more metrics specified as a name and value pair separated by a space, with one metric per line.
Example settings in server notes.ini file:
;Enable Domino to publish metrics to Hosted Graphite
STATPUB_METRIC_FORMAT=Domino.mailserver01.$Name$ $Value$
STATPUB_DELTA_METRIC_FORMAT=Domino.mailserver01.Rate.$Name$ $Value$
The following example shows two metrics included in the data payload for the Mail.Delivered statistic. The first indicates 33065 messages delivered since the Domino server started, the second indicates 1017 messages delivered in the last minute.
Domino.mailserver01.Mail.Delivered 33065
Domino.mailserver01.Rate.Mail.Delivered 1017

STATPUB_METRIC_DELIMITER=$Newline$ puts each metric on a separate line.