Domino® naming requirements

Refer to these guidelines when naming parts of the IBM® Domino® system.

Note: Items marked with an asterisk (*) can include alpha characters (A - Z), numbers (0 - 9), dash (-), period (.), space ( ) , and underscore (_).
Table 1. Domino® name and character requirements




Domino® domain

31 maximum

This is usually the same as the organization name.

Use a single word, which can include the following characters:

  • alpha characters (A - Z)
  • numbers (0 - 9)
  • ampersand (&), dash (-), space ( ), or underscore (_)

You can also include international characters, but it is not recommended and they are not guaranteed to work.

The only character you must not use is the period (.).

Notes® named network

31 maximum

  • By default, the Server Setup program assigns names in the format port name network -- for example, TCP/IP network.
  • Edit Notes® named network names to use an identifier such as the location of the IBM® Notes® named network and the network protocol -- for example, TCPIP-Boston.


3-64 maximum*

  • This name is typically the same as the Domino® domain name.
  • The organization name is the name of the certifier ID and is appended to all user and server names.

Organizational unit

32 maximum*

  • There can be as many as four levels of organizational units.


255 maximum

Choose a name you want to keep. If you change a server name, you must recertify the server ID. Also choose a name that meets your network's requirements for unique naming.

On TCP/IP use only the following characters

  • alpha characters (A - Z)
  • numbers (0 - 9)
  • dash (-)

On NetBIOS, the first 15 characters must be unique. On SPX, the first 47 characters must be unique.

Keep in mind that Domino® performs replication and mail routing on servers named with numbers before it does those tasks on servers named with alphabetic characters.


79 maximum*

Use a first and last name. A middle name is allowed, but usually not needed. User names can contain an apostrophe (').

Alternate user

No minimum

Users can have only one alternate name.


62 maximum

Use a single word, which can include the following characters:

  • alpha characters (A - Z)
  • numbers (0 - 9)
  • ampersand (&), dash (-), space ( ) , underscore (_), apostrophe ('), forward slash (/)

The at sign (@) and two forward slashes (//) are expressly prohibited.

Note: You can create groups with hierarchical distinguished names (DN). However, you must surround the forward slash (/) in a component value of a DN by surrounding it with double quotes. For example, 24"/"7 Support.

For mail routing, you can nest up to five levels of groups. For all other purposes, you can nest up to six levels of groups.


No maximum

Do not include spaces.

Country code

0 or 2