Using Domain documents

Domain documents define the domains used in mail routing.

About this task

See the related topics for details on each type of Domain document.


  1. From the Domino® Administrator, click the Configuration tab and then expand the Messaging section.
  2. Select Domains to open the Domains view.
  3. Click Add Domain to create a new Domain document.
  4. In the Domain type field, select the type of Domain document to create:
    • Foreign Domain. A Foreign domain document defines the path between a Domino domain and an external application, such as a fax or pager gateway. A Foreign domain document identifies the Domino server that acts as the gateway to the external application.
    • Non-adjacent Domain. Create a Non-adjacent domain document to control message routing to a non-adjacent domain. Non-adjacent domain documents serve three functions:
      • Specify a routing path to the non-adjacent domain by supplying next-hop domain information.
      • Restrict mail from other domains from routing to the non-adjacent domain.
      • While setting up scheduling, define the Calendar server used to enable free-time lookups between two non-adjacent domains.
    • Adjacent Domain. Create an Adjacent domain document only when you need to specify restrictions on transfer of mail from one adjacent domain to another. You can selectively allow and deny mail routing through your domain to the domain named in the Adjacent domain document.
    • Foreign X.400 Domain. Support for the X.400 MTA is available only in releases of Domino® earlier than release 8.5. You may continue to use Domino® Administrator to configure and maintain existing connections from earlier releases, but only on servers running those releases.
    • Foreign SMTP Domain. A Foreign SMTP domain document provides servers that don't use SMTP routing and which do not have access to DNS with the next hop information required to route outbound Internet mail. You can also use Foreign SMTP domain documents with servers that route mail over SMTP to configure different routing paths for mail sent to different destinations.
    • Global Domain. A Global domain document identifies the Internet domains that are considered to be internal to a Domino® domain and for which the local domain can accept mail. The Global domain document also defines rules for converting the sender's Notes® mail address on an outbound SMTP message to an Internet address. If your organization uses more than one Internet domain name, create a Global domain document to define the various Internet domain names to which inbound mail might be addressed. By default, the Domino® Directory does not contain a Global domain document.