The LDAP service and secondary directories

You can set up directory assistance on a server that runs the LDAP service.

Directory assistance can:

  • Process LDAP search requests using secondary Domino® directories and extended directory catalogs. These directories can be either local or remote to the server running the LDAP service.
  • Process LDAP write requests to secondary Domino® Directories and extended directory catalogs .
  • Refer LDAP clients to remote LDAP directories when searches are unsuccessful in any Domino® Directory or directory catalog.
  • Use secondary Domino® Directories, extended directory catalogs, and/or remote LDAP directories to look up the authentication credentials of LDAP clients connecting to the LDAP service.
  • Look up the members of groups used in the access control lists (ACLs) of the directories served by the LDAP service in one of the following directories, in addition to the primary Domino® Directory: secondary Domino® Directory, extended directory catalog, or remote LDAP directory.
  • Prevent the LDAP service from carrying out LDAP operations in the primary Domino® Directory.