Specifying replication settings for a single replica

You can specify replication settings for a replica as you create it or you can modify replication settings on an existing replica.

About this task

You must have Manager access to modify replication settings.


  1. Do one of the following:
    • If you are creating a new replica, click More Settings.
    • If you want to modify settings on an existing replica, open the replica and choose File > Replication > Options for this Application.
  2. Click the Space Savers panel and then select/deselect options.
  3. Click the Send panel and then select/deselect options to limit what the replica can send to other replicas.
  4. Click the Other panel and then select/deselect options.
  5. Click the Advanced panel and then select/deselect any of the options in the sectionReceive these elements from other replicas. Ignore the options in other sections; these are used for managing replication settings for multiple replicas of a database from one central source replica.
  6. Click OK.