Setting up Domino® servers on the network

Before and after installing a Domino® server, perform required tasks.

Before installing an Domino® server, make sure you have done the following:

  • Installed one or more NICs on the system.
  • Installed protocol software if necessary.
  • Installed all network drivers in the correct directories.
  • Installed any network software required for the protocols. For more information, see the vendor's documentation.

After you install the server, you use the Domino® Server Setup program to accept network defaults or customize network settings.

After you run the setup program, you may need to complete one or more of these tasks to finish setting up Domino® on the network:

  • Change the default names assigned to Notes® named networks make them consistent with actual network topography.
  • Fine-tune network port setup by adding, enabling, renaming, reordering, disabling, or deleting ports or by enabling network encryption or compression on a port.
  • Complete tasks to set up TCP/IP or NETBIOS protocol.