Limiting replication time

Limiting the time a server has to replicate with another server prevents extensive replication sessions and allows you to control the cost of replication with servers in remote sites. For example, if replication depends on a slow connection and the database takes time to replicate, you can limit how long the replication period lasts.


  1. From the Domino® Administrator, click the Configuration tab.
  2. Select the connecting server's Domino® Directory in the Use Directory on field.
  3. Click Server, and then click Connections.
  4. Click the connection you want to work with, and then click Edit Connection.
  5. Click the Replication/Routing tab.
  6. In the Replication Time Limit field, enter the maximum connection time in minutes.
  7. Save and Close.


If the Replication Time Limit field has a value in it and the replication isn't complete at the end of the specified time or if the server crashes, when replication restarts, it resumes processing with the item it was working on when stopped. When the field is blank, Domino® uses as much time as it needs to complete the replication session.

Note: If you specify an inappropriately low value and the databases do not have time to replicate completely, replication terminates upon reaching the time limit, regardless of how little progress, if any, occurred. The log file (LOG.NSF) records a message indicating that termination has occurred but that the replication was successful. The replication history is not updated so that the next replication takes place after the last complete replication event.

To limit replication time for all servers, edit the NOTES.INI file to include the ReplicationTimeLimit setting.