Creating the Domino® Web Server Configuration database

You use the IBM® Domino® Web Server Configuration database to map custom messages that you create. These messages can be those that browser users receive when they access a Web application, or they can be custom HTML pages that you use for session-based authentication of Web users with a name and password.


  1. Make sure the Web server exists (is properly set up).
  2. From the Domino® Administrator, choose File > Application > New.
  3. Under Server, enter the name of the Domino® server on which you want to create this database.
  4. Select the Domino® Web Server Configuration template from the Advanced Templates list.
  5. For Title, enter a name for the database.
  6. For File name, enter DOMCFG5.NSF.
    Important: The database must have this file name. Do not give it a unique name that you create.
  7. Click OK.
  8. Add an entry named Anonymous to the database ACL and give the entry Reader access.
  9. Map custom Web server messages.