Creating a mail file for an IMAP user

Each IMAP user must have a mail file on the IBM® Domino® server. You can create the mail file automatically during user registration, or you can manually create a mail file. If the user is already a registered IBM® Notes® user who has an existing Domino® mail file and if you set up the user's Person document for IMAP access, the user can access the mail file from an IMAP client.

Before you begin

Make sure that you have set up the Person document for the IMAP user.

About this task

Complete this task if a user does not have an existing mail file on a Domino® server.


  1. Choose File > Application > New.
  2. In the New Application dialog box, enter the following:
    Table 1. New application fields




    The Domino® mail server that stores the user's mail file.


    The name of the client's mail file -- for example, Samantha Daryn's Mail.

    File name

    The full path to the mail file, relative to the Domino® data directory -- for example, MAIL\SDARYN.NSF.

  3. From the list of template names, select Mail (R8) with the filename MAIL8.NTF, and click OK.
  4. After Domino® creates and opens the mail file, determine what level of access is appropriate for both the user and you, as the administrator. Then, edit the Access Control List (ACL) as follows:
    1. Choose File > Application > Access Control.
    2. From the Access Control List dialog box, create an ACL entry for the user by clicking Add and then selecting the user's name from the Domino® Directory.
    3. Set the user type to Person and select the level of access. Users require at least Editor with Delete document access.
    4. Select your name from the ACL and click Remove. As the administrator, you can choose to retain Manager access, particularly for users who do not have Notes® client access.
    5. Click OK to save the entry and close the ACL.

What to do next

Prepare the mail file for IMAP access.