Considerations for changing roaming user status

You can upgrade an IBM® Notes® user to roaming user status.

You can upgrade or downgrade a Notes® user to and from file server roaming status using the Roaming policy settings document. You can upgrade a user to or downgrade from IBM® Domino® server roaming status using roaming upgrade options in the Domino® Administrator.

Before you upgrade a user to roaming user status, ensure that the user's full hierarchical name (for example, Jane Q Public/Renovations/Sales) is specified as Manager in the access control list of the applications that will roam.

Notes® applications that are roaming-enabled are as follows:

  • Bookmarks (bookmark.nsf)
  • Contacts or personal address book (names.nsf)
  • Feeds subscriptions (localfeedcontent.nsf)
  • Notebook or journal (notebook.nsf or journal.nsf)
  • Eclipse plug-in data and settings (roamingdata.nsf)
  • Notes® workspace (initially desktop8.ndk content and then managed by bookmark.nsf)

For more information, see Changing a roaming user to non-roaming and Changing a non-roaming user to roaming in the related links.