Configuring how Domino® converts inbound MIME messages to Notes® rich-text

Inbound conversion options apply to messages received over SMTP in MIME format, which must be converted to IBM® Notes® rich-text format. Conversion to Notes® rich-text format is necessary when the storage preference for the recipient's mail file is set to Notes® rich-text format.

Before you begin

Make sure you already have a Configuration Settings document for the server(s) to be configured.


  1. From the IBM® Domino® Administrator, click the Configuration tab and expand the Messaging section.
  2. Click Configurations.
  3. Select the Configuration Settings document for the mail server or servers you want to administer, and click Edit Configuration.
  4. Click the MIME > Conversion Options > Inbound tab.
  5. For the field Use character set auto-detection if message has no character set information, choose one of the following, and then click Save & Close:
    • Yes - Domino® examines the text of inbound messages to determine the character set if it is not specified in the message. Select this option if your site routinely receives non-MIME messages that are encoded in character sets other than ASCII. Provides the most accurate rendering of the original character information, but slows performance.
    • No - (default) Character set auto-detection is disabled.
  6. reload the routing configuration to put the new setting into effect immediately. Otherwise, the change takes effect after the next Router configuration update.