Web probes

There are two Web probes, the Web - Configuration probe and the Web - Best Practices probe. Both probes provide results in the form of a Domino® Event document in the DDM database. Use this document to verify the accuracy of the Web server configuration and to compare other servers' configurations against that of a known good server.

The Web - Configuration probe provides feedback related to the Web settings associated with a Web server or list of Web servers. This feedback is based on the most recent Web profile as specified in the Probe document. The probe reviews Web server configuration values on specified servers against a set of predefined values. If the values differ, the probe attempts to make a recommendation by suggesting values to either correct the Web server configuration or to improve server performance or security. This probe reviews field values in the Server document, the Internet Site document, and the Web Server Configurations document, according to which documents exist.

The Web - Best Practices probe monitors HTTP-specific fields in the domain that are compared to a recommended value. The HTTP specific fields are in the Server document, the Internet Site document (if one exists), and the Web Server Configuration document (if one exists). A detail document is generated outlining the fields that do not match the recommended value, and providing information on how to resolve any issues. For example, suggestions for improving a server's configuration could include corrections to server functionality, server performance, or server security. The Web probes help you improve overall security and Web server performance.

The severity of an event generated by the Web probes is determined using a percentage formula; you cannot determine the severity of a Web probe event. A Web probe severity score is calculated during runtime based on the number of potential problems that are found. The Web probe severity percentage score is calculated for each event that is logged to DDM. This table shows the detail.

Table 1. Web probe security percentage score


Severity Level



< = 50%

Warning (low)

> 50%

Warning (high)

This table contains the names and descriptions of the Web probes that you can define.

Table 2. Web probes

Web probe name


Web - Best Practices

Reviews Web server configuration values on specified servers against a set of predefined values.

Web - Configuration

Performs a comparison of Web server configuration values on specified servers against the same values for a known good server or guideline server.