Using NET-SNMP with the Domino® SNMP Agent

On the Linux platform, the Domino® SNMP Agent uses the SMUX protocol, per RFC 1227, to communicate with the system's Master SNMP Agent. Some Linux distributions include a Master SNMP Agent that supports the SMUX protocol; others do not.

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On the Linux platform, Domino® includes a suitable NET-SNMP Master Agent, called NET-SNMPD, already configured to support the SMUX protocol and the Domino® SNMP Agent.

Note: Before using NET-SNMPD, disable any existing Master SNMP Agent. For information on disabling an existing Master SNMP Agent, see your Master SNMP Agent's documentation.

Installing NET-SNMPD on Linux

About this task

Log on as the root user and then install NET-SNMPD on Linux as follows:


  1. Install the NET-SNMPD files. Enter this command, changing the Domino® executable path if necessary:
    cp /opt/ibm/lotus/notes/latest/linux/net-snmpd* /etc
  2. Arrange for NET-SNMPD to be restarted after a reboot.
  3. Do one of these:
    • For UnitedLinux based releases, such as SLES, enter these commands:
      ln -f -s /etc/ /etc/init.d/net-snmpd
      insserv /etc/init.d/net-snmpd
    • For Red Hat Linux releases enter these commands:
      ln -f -s /etc/ /etc/rc.d/init.d/net-snmpd
      chkconfig --add net-snmpd
      chkconfig net-snmpd on

What to do next

You have completed the installation of NET-SNMPD on Linux. Configure and start NET-SNMPD.

Configuring NET-SNMPD


Update the /etc/net-snmpd.conf file with appropriate trap destinations and community names for your remote management infrastructure. Trap destinations are set using the trapsink directive. Community names are set using the rocommunity and rwcommunity directives.

Manually Starting and Stopping NET-SNMPD

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To start NET-SNMPD, log on as the root user and enter this command:

/etc/ start

To stop NET-SNMPD, log on as the root user and enter this command:

/etc/ stop

How NET-SNMPD was Created

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The NET-SNMP package, which is distributed from the Net-SNMP Web site, contains a variety of tools for SNMP; however, Domino® includes only the NET-SNMP Master Agent.

For Domino®, the NET-SNMP 5.0.7 package was configured and built with the following options:


The resulting agent/snmpd was used as the NET-SNMPD for Domino®.

Creating and Configuring your own NET-SNMP Master Agent

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Because the UCD-SNMP and NET-SNMP packages, which are distributed from the Net-SNMP Web site, contain many optional components, you may want to create and/or configure your own Master SNMP Agent for use with Domino®. To do so, invoke the source configure script with the following option, to include SMUX support:


Add the following line to the snmpd.conf file:

smuxpeer NotesPasswd
Note: If you use the NET-SNMPD provided with Domino®, you do not need to create or configure your own NET-SNMP Master Agent. Both have been done for you.