Update Domino® Server (UPDDOMSVR)

The Update Domino Server command allows you to update specific Domino® servers to newer releases.

You can update all servers, or select specific servers, allowing you to control which servers are configured for specific Domino® releases.


There are two parameters for this command.

  • SERVER -- The SERVER parameter allows you to update specific servers or all servers.
  • TORLS -- The TORLS parameter allows you to specify the release to which you want these servers updated.

Do not library-qualify the UPDDOMSVR command. This ensures that the command associated with the primary release, which contains the most current version information, is used to update the Domino® servers.

To use the UPDDOMSVR command, you must have *SECADM, *ALLOBJ, *JOBCTL and *IOSYSCFG special authorities.