Running QoS with a no kill option

You can run QoS with a no kill option. When QoS detects server exceptions, it sends a single email to a specified administrator with notification of the exception instead of killing and restarting the server directly. (You can also set QoS to send mail to an administrator whether or not you enable the no kill option.)

About this task

Important: The QOS_MAIL options do not support a user name/password combination. The specified SMTP server must accept mail without password authentication.


Set any of the following parameters in the dcontroller.ini file.
    Administrator mail address to which to send notifications.
    Tip: You can specify multiple email addresses; separate them using commas.
    SMTP mail server ip and SMTP port with the format server ip:port
    Note: You need only specifiy this option if you are using a port other than the default of 25 for your SMTP server.

    Specifies whether to enable no kill option. Set to 1 to enable the option and 0 to disable it.


    Specifies whether to attach logs in the mail sent to administrator. Set to 1 to enable, or 0 to disable.