What's new in Domino Leap 1.1?

To avoid confusion with other "Volt" products at HCL, this release changes the name from HCL Domino Volt to HCL Domino Leap. The following features and enhancements are new with this release.

What's new for app authors?

  • New Reminders feature.
    The "Reminders" feature generates emails at scheduled times. For more information, see Reminders.
    Note: For this feature to function properly, you need to configure the serverURI config setting.
  • New Copy/Paste feature.

    The "copy/paste" feature enables the application author to copy an item from their form and paste it into another page/form/app page within the same application or another one on the same Domino Leap server. For more information, see Copying items

  • New Workflow Branching feature.

    The "workflow branching" feature enables the application author to specify a condition that changes where a submitted form is directed. For more information, see Branching.

  • Access to service descriptions may be restricted by user, group or special role (i.e. authenticated, anonymous, etc). For more information, see Deploying a Service Description.
  • Ability to write Rich text to Domino applications. This completes read/write of Rich Text from/to Domino apps.
  • Improved HTML editor experience.
  • Improved page navigation and validation behavior, including custom error handling with JavaScript API.
  • Refreshed Workflow diagram UI.

What's new for administrators?

New Community Docker image.